Chauffinch - England Bison Great Salt Lake, Utah Yellow Slider Georgia Amanda's Blue - Sweden Hump-back whale Australia Pheasant - England
Kangaroo -  Australia

Besides genealogy, we enjoy travelling and observing nature.

Below you will find links to some observations we have captured on film from USA, Australia, Galapagos, Europe etc.:


Mammals, etc. large and small.

Insects, Spiders and Butterflies.

Reptiles, Amphibians, etc.

Please note: All photos appearing on this website are the personal property of the Evans Thörnqvist family and may not be copied without our permission.

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Toad - Sweden
Moose, Rocky Mountains, Colorado
The European Peacock - Sweden
St.Andrews Cross spider - Australia
Tricolor heron - Florida
Great Tit - Sweden
Ram - Isle of Skye Scotland
Small Tortoise Shell - Sweden
Alligator - Florida
Opposums - Australia
Wild Turkey - Tennessee
Galapagos Land Iguana - EC Sally Lightfoot crab - Galapagos EC Lesser Marbled Fritillary - Sweden Lapwing - Scotland Sea Lion - Galapagos EC Galapagos Giant Tortoise