Atomium, Brussels BE Niagara Falls, Toronto, Canada Mount Rushmore Arches NP Arizona Gateway Arch, St.Louis, MO Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia Thompson Covered Bridge, New Hampshire, USA
Eiffel Tower, Paris, FR

Besides genealogy, we enjoy travelling.

Below you will find links to a few of our favorite vacations:

2000, 2004, 2006, 2008 + 2014
Tenerife, Canary Islands
2002 + 2008
Rarotonga, Cook Islands, South Pacific Ocean
2003, 2004+ 2008
across USA
2005, 2009, 2013, 2014 + 2015
Georgia + Florida (under construction)
Midwest USA
Southeast USA
Queensland, Australia (English version under construction)
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
1999, 2002 + 2013
Barcelona, Sevilla + Bilbao, Spain
across Northwest USA

Please note: these pages are under construction and will be published as soon as they are completed.

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Statue of Liberty, New York
Stonehenge, GB Grand Canyon, Arizona
Maniken Pis, Brussels, Belgium Arc de Triomphe, Paris, FR
El Drago, Dragon Tree, Tenerife, ES Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California
Skansen Kronan, Gothenburg, Sweden Colloseum, Rome, Italy
Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone NP, WY Hoover Dam
Sacre Coeur, Paris, France New York City, New York Lerkaka windmills, Ă–land Sweden Mont Saint Michel, Normandie, France Sequoia National Park, California Puente Viskaya Transporter Bridge, Bilbao, ES Las Vegas, Nevada